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  Investing in massage

 is an investment in your health!


Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage

1 Hr. $55,  1 1/2 Hr. $75,  2 Hr. $110

Designed to fit your individual needs!

A combination of Swedish Massage, Pressure Point,

Myofascial Release and Reflexology.


Workin' Mans Overhaul

1 1/2 Hr. $80

Great for those with aches and pains in your neck, shoulders, upper and/or lower back. This bodywork is a combination of massage, hot rocks* and stretching of those areas that may be irritated by repetitive use of your upper body muscles from work - or play!  Good for you hard workin' girls, too!!

* Hot rocks will not be used if there are health issues that contraindicate thier use!


 Prenatal Massage

1 Hr. $65

After 1st trimester, therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the needs of the expectant mother as she undergoes the major emotional and structural changes of pregnancy.


Foot Reflexology/Massage

25 minutes - $35,   45 minutes $55

A treatment that starts with your lower legs and feet being washed with hot wet towels soaked in essential oils. A combination of foot reflexology and massage stimulates circulation and gives an overall feeling of well being. This therapy is great for someone with diabetes/circulation issues, plantar fasciitus, or wants some of the benefits of massage without disrobing.


Hand Reflexology/Massage

20 minutes - $30, 40 Minutes - $50

Similar to foot reflexology/massage, except working with hands and arms. This therapy feels great if you work at a keyboard or do lots of hand work. Stretches muscles in lower arms and works pressure points in hands.


Sinus/Allergy Therapy

 30-40 minutes - $40

         Essential oils, steam, and massage are used to help clear your sinuses or give you some relief from sinus/allergy pain and pressure.


Head Massage

15 minutes - $15,    30 minutes - $30


Chair Massage

10, 15, 20, or 30 minute chair massages

$1 per minute




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